Heller Electric Company, Inc.

Since 1946 - Celebrating 75+ years!

History and Management of Heller Electric

William E. Heller (1941-2008)

Emil Heller founded Heller Electric Company in 1946 as a New Jersey based Electrical Contractor. His son, William E. Heller was President of Heller Electric from 1967 until early 2008. William continued to be active on the Board of Directors of Heller Electric as Chief Executive Officer until his passing in late November 2008.  Michael J. Ritchey was appointed as Vice President in 1971 and held that position until early 2008 when he was appointed President of the firm.  In 2001, Brian J. Heller, graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in electrical engineering and became the third generation to oversee estimating, project management and corporate management for the company.  In 2008, he was appointed the position of Vice President for the firm as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors. On July 1, 2017, Brian succeeded Michael as the 4th President of Heller Electric Company.

Brian J. Heller - President/CEO

Jason M. Clurman - Vice President 

Brandy Norris - Ext: 200

Corporate Secretary